Earth Elves

Earth elves

The Earth elves consider themselves to be the most reasonable, reliable, responsible. stable and pragmatical of the elves. The other tribes of phostwood think that the earth elves are the most stubborn, possessive, boring, overly conservative and stuck in a rut elves of the forest.

Some of their more predominant members are:

The Ancient one “O Velho” Assembled a special group of elves, to investigate what the humans may be doing to bring about a great darkness. They are currently making a name for themselves, they are:

  • A bruxa A witch
  • Ivar A ranger, who’s blade and arrow are becoming deadlier by the moment
  • Merriladrin Becoming a very good, spy and executioner
  • The Starbow brothers, Elodil died facing a human knight / mercenary, his young brother has gone to seek revenge on Scrapkin Shiftslam and no one has heard from him since.
  • Veg The spiritual advisor of party, a druid
  • Rimathar Othvan Of the Fire clan is currently accompanying them as he is one of few that speaks the human language

Earth Elves

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