Changes to Classes

  • Clerics Have no daily limits on the amount of turn undead they can do. The Duration of a turn is 3d4 minutes. Note that if they have some power / feat / ability that is some how dependent on the number of turn undead per day, these limits still apply to those powers /feat / ability and if the cleric does use turn undead, they count towards the the number of times the power / feat / ability may be used.
  • Druids When using wild shape from human to animal or animal to human this heal 10-60% of damage prior to the change, up to 3 times a day. In the Phostwood Campaign, wild elves can have a cooshee or elfin cat as an animal companion starting from level 3 (Level – 2 on the table for animal companion), this applies to Rangers as well (from 6 th level).
  • Rogues Sneak attacks Never apply if the target is aware of the Rogue, facing them and capable of movement.
  • Paladins Do not have a “aura of courage”, they have a permanent 10’ protection from evil. Note that evil clerics can turn a paladin (but not destroyed) as a good cleric can turn undead. In these cases consider a Paladin as an undead with HD equal to paladin’s character level + 1 + charisma bonus.

Old School multi-classing option

This option is only available to demi-humans. The character has two classes as one class. XP are divided by 1.5 while levelling in this “double class”. They will gain the skill points equal to the class with most skill points + 1 (+ 4 at first level only). If one of the classes gains automatically shield and or armour proficiencies the person will not suffer any arcane spell failure when using armour and/or shield corresponding to those proficiencies. The prime attributes for saving throws will be limited to the selected combo of classes, and restrictions of alignment exist (There’s no Paladin / Assassin). The Bab will be of which every class has the better one. You do saving throws as if you were 1 level higher. Hp are rolled using the resulting average of the dice examples below:

  • Cleric/Fighter – 1d8 +1
  • Cleric/Wizard – 1d6
  • Cleric/Rogue – 1d6 +1
  • Druid/Barbarian – 1d10
  • Fighter/Wizard – 1d6 +1
  • Fighter/Rogue – 1d8
  • Wizard/Rogue – 1d4+1
  • Barbarian/Rogue – 1d8 +1

If the combination isn’t mention use the equivalent dice to one of the mentioned combos example: Druid (1d8)/Fighter(1d10) would use the same dice as Cleric (1d8) / Fighter (1d10)

  • Monks are not an option for this form of multi-classing
  • Barbarians cannot make a combo with arcane caster, or of a cleric who’s training would imply lots of studying
  • Multi-classing as described in the phb is still an option, this is simply an alternative

New Classes

Prestige Classes


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