Wand of thorns


Wand of Thorns

In the hands of a druid this wand can perform 3 functions:

  1. Cone of thorns: sharp jagged thorns spray forth from the wand in a cone of 30 feet. The thorns cause 6d6 damage ( dexterity save for half) for all caught in the cone. This expends 1 charge.
  2. Wall of thorns: as per the Druidic spell, producing a wall of up to 60" cubed (e.g., 6" long 1" deep, etc.). This expends 2 charges.
  3. Thorn storm: a grey ray springs forth from the wand and a maelstrom of razor sharp thorns occurs up to 100 feet distant from the wand holder. The thorn storm causes all within a 30 feet diameter of the area of effect to suffer 3d8+3 damage with no saving throw. This expends 2 charges

Wand of thorns

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