The Ancient one "O Velho"

The oldest elf you have ever seen


The Ancient One, “O Velho”

Despite his age he seems to be of normal height. Appears to be very senile most of the time, and usually can’t remember people’s name. In some cases he mixes people up with their parents or even grand parents. He seems to have forgotten his on name.


Not much is known about the Ancient one, as he can’t seem to remember himself. Simply that he has always been there

Despite his condition, at the great Phostwood Tree he always preforms the druidic rituals flawlessly.
All the druids respect him and he is their uncontested leader.
On very rare occasions he seems to have moments of clarity where he gives important warnings

One such time was a few decades ago when he ordered the formation of a war band of the 4 elven tribes to go south to Nutherwood. Many where against this move, saying that the ravings of this old mad elf would bring about a new war between the elves and the humanoids of Nutherwood. But when they got there, they had found that the orcs had formed a great war horde with plans to wipe out the elves. The orcs though were over confident that the elves were unaware of them and their intent. The elven war band had gone undetected and they were able to attack the orcs while they were sleeping and ended that terrible threat.

The Ancient one "O Velho"

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