Melthanion Inthormeg

A Wizard's Apprentice from the Air Elves, looks older than his master Vanarason Uvatharair


This golden headed middle aged elf seems very week and thin for a wild elf


Most of the wild elves are very suspicious of arcane magic, and have difficulties mastering it. So it was no surprise that not many elves showed up when Vanarason announced he was taking on an apprentice. To much of his dismay those that did show interest were not very bright, he asked them a riddle:
“I am always in front of you but cannot be seen.” none of them could answer. Melthanion was passing by and heard the riddle and immediately answered “That’s easy it’s the future”. Vanarason then passed the next mouth convincing Melthanion to become his apprentice.

Melthanion Inthormeg

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