Gleinima Omvalerum

Witch of the fire Elf clan


Young and very attractive elf. Her hair is more Orange colour than red.


She is currently engaged with Vertisdur’s Ilinsyral son Airur. Their romance had a rocky start. Airur had always had a crush on Gleinima, tried to win her over with poetry, helping her out and being kind to her. But Gleinima had many suitors and had always seen Airur as just another boy after just one thing. Then one day she had gone to the dangerous region between the rivers to collect some herbs for a potion she was working on, some orcs manage to sneak up and grab Gleinima, they tried to have their way with her, which was very unfortunate for them. Gleinima was in a terrible mood the rest of that day even when she went bathing in the river to rid herself of the stench of the orcs. Airur stumbled upon her bathing naked and couldn’t turn away. The young witch saw Airur and was still in a very horrible mood after the encounter with the orcs, furious, she turned him in to a mole. Later on the Gleinima relented pressured by Rimuistra Alithianhald to undo her spell, but promised if she ever caught him spying on her again she would turn him in to a mole for good. Shortly after she was bathing again, but slipped, she fell hitting her head and became unconscious and started to drown, if it wasn’t for Airur, who was “keeping watch” with out her knowing, Gleinima would have died for sure. When she came through and realised what had happened, she asked him “Why would you risk my fury? Do like being a mole?”. He answered “It would have been worth it, besides I would rather be a blind animal then see you with another elf”. She replied to that with a kiss.

Gleinima Omvalerum

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